200Km Sunrise Over Buffalo – 3600m of climbing – 4 climbs
No pre-ride qualifications.
Ride Route – 
Bright – Mount Buffalo – Bright –  Mount Beauty – Falls Creek – Mount Beauty – Bright.
Start Time –
4:00 am
Finish Time –
5:30 pm
Time Allowed –
13h 30m
Entry Fee:

Early Bird – $180 – to 30/11/16.

Standard  – $225 – 01/12/16-08/1/2107.

Late           – $245 – 09/1/2017-27/1/2017

Ride Notes –

First offered in 2014, this Audax ride starts before dawn. Take advantage of the early morning to get one of the long climbs over and done before most people have had breakfast. This ride follows the original 200 route, but tackles Mt Buffalo first, with Falls Creek being the second long climb. Riders will be back in Bright in the afternoon, with plenty of time to relax and take part in the festivities at Howitt Park. Please note that a 13:30 hour time limit applies, and that the finishing time for this ride is 5:30 pm.

Join the Ultimate 320 and ACE250 riders in the darkness at the starting line. At 4:00am the three groups set off, with the ACE250 riders turning left while you and the Ultimate riders turn right towards Porepunkah and the turnoff to Mt Buffalo. The darkness is intense, and there is nothing but the moon and the stars (and your headlights) to illuminate the way. The ascent coincides with the slowly lightening sky but much of the climb to the plateau is done in darkness. Watch out for wildlife and road debris in the forested areas.

At Dingo Dell, the volunteers (who left Bright even earlier than you) will be on hand to feed and water you, then it’s back across the plateau and the swooping descent to Ovens Valley. By now the sun has fully arisen. Another water stop at the Information Rotunda as you enter Bright (NOTE – THERE IS NO INTERIM CONTROL IN BRIGHT), riding straight through, off to the Kiewa Valley behind all the later starting participants in the 60, and 130 km rides for more food and water at the Mount Beauty Control (Outbound only).

The climb to the Falls Creek control passes without a hitch. Now all that remains is the descent to Mount Beauty and the return across Tawonga Gap. This is where the early start pays off. It’s still relatively early in the day and the climb is nowhere near as draining as it would be later in the afternoon. Please take extra care on this descent, as it has the highest incidence of cycling accidents in the Alpine area.

The crowds at Howitt Park greet you as you cross finish line. Post-ride relaxation time is here – WELL DONE!

Controls  (checkpoints) – see Control locations

Bright (Start/Finish only) – Dingo Dell (Mt Buffalo) – Mount Beauty – Outbound only – Falls Creek – Bright

Catering –

Dingo Dell (Mt Buffalo) – Mt Beauty (outbound only) – Falls Creek

Water Points – see Food and Water Map

Dingo Dell – Bright Information Rotunda –

Mount Beauty – past Bogong over East Kiewa River –

Falls Creek – Tawonga Gap.

Riders are expected to carry enough water for the ascent of Mt Buffalo. There will not be a water point open at Mackeys Corner at this time.

Ride Difficulty – Very Hard – 

The ride’s difficulty is not just the 200km distance with 3600metres of climbing, but also the variations of the Alpine climate. Even though this ride is held at the height of summer, it is not uncommon for conditions at Buffalo and Falls Creek to be freezing, when the heat is stifling in the valleys. Make sure you have adequate clothing for differing conditions. Proper physical and mental preparation is very important, together with a “pace yourself approach. The only person you are racing is yourself, as the task is simply to finish safely, within the 13 hours 30min time limit.

Caution – 

On all Alpine roads, you will find steep sections, blind corners, uncertain and uneven road surfaces, loose gravel, slippery spots (from water, vehicle or Eucalyptus deposits), fallen trees or branches and unexpected wildlife, (all often mid corner). Please take care and be extremely vigilant whilst braking and cornering, especially when descending

Mobile Phone Coverage –

Good throughout most of the course, however can be patchy in certain areas.